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Christianity is the cause for most of the high divorces in the West

14 Nov

Christianity is the cause for most of the high divorces in the West:

Ever wondered why the Western nations and the Christian populations in general have high divorce rates?  Ever thought about blaming the failure on Christianity for that?   Let us look at some facts:

1-  In the Western nations, which are mostly Christians and their constitutions are Biblically driven, when two spouses divorce, they split half of their wealth combined in half between them.

2-  Men generally have higher education (especially in the difficult technical fields such as Engineering and Medicine), and they generally make more than women.   Even though feminists generally blame their failure on the “male dominance” nonsense, but the reality is, there are far less “technical” women in the work force than men, especially in the fields that I mentioned above.

I once had a heated argument with a Christian feminist at work, and I asked her this simple question:

How come the Chess champions throughout history had always been males?

How come we haven’t seen a single female Chess champion yet?

She became speechless and couldn’t answer the question and started attacking Islam instead.

<span><span>Ask yourself:</span></span>

How many female surgeons have you encountered? Probably none.

Yes, I guarantee you that you will find thousands of female nurses in the hospitals, but you will find far more men in the much more advanced and complicated medical positions.

I am a computer programmer and consultant in the US myself, and quite frankly out of the 10s of programmers that I worked with in the past, only 4 females that I can honestly remember did what I did.  But in the Sales and Marketing force in the companies that I worked at, most of the workers there were women, who mostly dressed in short mini “professional” skirts, relying on their cheap “sexuality” to bring business, because these jobs are “no-brainers”.

3-  Women have the better financial advantage than men when it comes to divorce, because as I said above, men generally make more money than women and hold better positions.

<span>So how does Christianity have anything to do with the above? </span>

<span> </span>

Let us look at the following from the Bible:

” ‘So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.’  (From the NIV Bible, Matthew 19:6)”

<span> </span>

The interpretation of this verse is what caused the Western constitutions to combine the spouses’ wealth and be split in half in the time of divorce.  This is the injustice that is causing more than 60% of the Christian Western population to get divorced because feminists can simply afford it, and in most cases they would have the financial advantage over men.

In fact, we hear stories about younger women dedicating themselves in trying to marry older wealthy men so that when they divorce them, they would automatically get half of those men’s wealth.

If the above in the Bible didn’t exist, then we wouldn’t see as much divorce rates in the West, who’s constitutions are biblically driven, because there would be no room for anyone to even dream about stealing their spouses’ wealth after the divorce.

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